About Us

Who we are

The Elections by the People Foundation, Inc. is a Florida non-profit corporation.  Our intention is to develop, distribute, and support open source publicly owned election system software ready for enterprise use.  We will do this by creating and promoting a novel Hybrid Voting System that blends the best aspects of voter verified paper ballots with the advantages of electronic ballot creation and counting.

What we envision

Trusted, voter-verified elections everywhere.

What we're doing

Elections by the People Foundation, Inc. develops, distributes and supports enterprise ready, open source election systems which engender voter confidence. To accomplish this we:

  • Work in close collaboration with all stakeholders
  • Build our solutions to be transparent, accurate, reliable, and secure
  • Embrace technologies that provide real benefits to voter

What we believe

  • Trustworthy elections are a requirement for a viable democracy
  • Every eligible person should be able to cast a vote which reflects his or her true intent, and which is counted correctly.
  • Election systems should simply, securely,
    and transparently allow voters to vote and
    to produce results that are accurate,
    reliable, verifiable, and timely
  • Counting our votes is too important to be left to organizations which are motivated by priorities other than these.